Artist statement

Statement of creativity by the artist, Andrew Lawrence

As a photographic artist, my creative photo editing process involves applying nearly 20 different steps. These are applied to every photo I take. Before I get a final result. It takes time. And creativity. For every photo, the steps involve taking the picture, then editing it.

Taking the picture requires having what is known as a good eye. Mine was developed over decades of doing photography. Editing involves skill and creativity. The nearly 20 editing steps that I apply to every photo involve composition, clarity, color, light, texture, size, resolution, and effects.

And I never know in advance how a photo I take is going to turn out after editing; whether it will be a no-go destined for the trash bin, a good photo, or an artistic masterpiece. After all that, depending on how a photo turns out, I then deal with artistic disappointment, satisfaction, or elation. 

This, involving desire, talent, skill, and magic, is my art.

Andrew Lawrence
Los Angeles, CA
April 18, 2020