Welcome to Cool Color Photos



by artist Andrew Lawrence

"Lots of things in life are cool. 
That's the way I shoot stuff,
and create cool color photos."

Welcome to my art. Welcome to my creative vision. As an artist I create fine art photographs, cool color wall art for home and business. Take a look.

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Here are 10 of my photo masterpieces 
- featuring AI -

Art Prints

You can view all of my fine art photos online at  Fine Art America, where I have over 3,000 individual fine art photos in my portfolio. Yes, you can view them for free! And, yes, my art is also for sale. Available worldwide. 

View all my fine art on the 
fine art site  Fine Art America 

In addition to individual photos I also sorted my photos into Collections which include

and more

If you love nature, and color and cool 
colorful art on your wall, I'm your artist!

About the artist
Andrew Lawrence
Los Angeles, California

andls (AT) aol.com

About the artist 
Originally from New York, Andrew lives happily, productively and creatively in Los Angeles, in the Hollywood Hills close to Warner Bros and Universal Studios. L.A. is a trendy city. A sunny city. A city of celebrity lifestyles and home to the movie, TV and music industries. And now a city of Cool Color Photos.

In his creative photographic fine art, specializing in Nature, Andrew Lawrence takes objects in his environment and turns them into cool colorful photographic images, wall art that can stimulate positive emotions, specializing in colors that evoke bright beauty and uplift the spirit

His colorful photos can instantly brighten any space in any room, be it home, office or commercial establishment

His portfolio of 3,000 cool color photos can be viewed online at Fine Art America

Contact info

For additional information, or collaboration, email the artist at: andls (AT) aol.com

As Andrew wants everyone to see and appreciate his art feel free to promote this site