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I have a strong desire to help people become better photographers or to start doing fine art photography. I even created a pdf book download with motivating photography advice and tips. It's FREE!

Yes, to give back and give thanks for my wonderful years as a photographer, including more than 25 years as a high-end designer fashion photographer, in the name of art and creativity I wish to help create better photographers, and create new fine art photographers, worldwide.
To that end I authored a free downloadable pdf book which encourages people all over the world to become creative artists, to become fine art photographers – or BETTER photographers. My book makes it easy and inexpensive for ANYONE to become a fine art photographer, to start taking fine art pictures – yes, even with their cell phone. The pdf is FREE.

If you are interested in supporting the arts, and creating more new fine art photographers, and/or helping existing cell phone users improve their picture taking, I invite you to view and
 download the pdf - free . The download is via Google Drive.  It’s 100% free. No registration, no mailing list, nothing to join. It’s a large file so I recommend downloading to a computer. The pdf  contains numerous fine art photographs, and is a fast read.

Here's the link:

If you know someone who would like to take better photos tell them about this.

How good can your photos be? Here's how good

Cell Phone Plant

"Outdoor fine art photograph of a green agave plant (now red, purple and blue). Taken with my LG cell phone, my inexpensive small non-smart flip phone. Which happens to have a very good camera and takes great closeups. Yes, the image was edited and colorized for artistic effect.