by artist Andrew Lawrence

Welcome to my art. Welcome to my creative vision. As an artist I create fine art photographs, cool color wall art for home and business. Take a look 

Here are 10 of my photo masterpieces 

Art Prints
images online are shown at 72 dpi, not usable as wall art; 
when you buy my art you get hi def, 300 dpi

You can view all of my fine art photos online at Fine Art America, where I have over 1,000 individual fine art photos in my portfolio. Yes, you can view them for free! And, yes, my art is also for sale. Available worldwide. 

View all my fine art on the 
fine art site Fine Art America 


Digital Downloads now also available!

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Digital download. It's a new cool way to buy wall art. Are you decorating or redecorating your home, apartment, office or business? Need new wall art? Try my digital download art. You get 10 of my fine art photos, 10 of my masterpieces, 10 of my best photos! The ones in the above slideshow. All 10. For only $19.95! Use any 1 of them. Use more than 1. Use them all! A Super Sale. While it lasts.

How it works
After purchasing you simply download the pdf containing all 10 art photos and then print (or have printed) the one, or ones, you want to hang on your wall. Advantages include high-definition (300 dpi), low cost, quick download, no shipping! It's DIY printing and framing.

Or you can simply buy the pdf digital download, download it, choose the photo(s) you want to use ( or enlarge and use) and send it/take it out for printing etc. (I have used my local Fedex/Kinkos for printing 8x10 and 16x20 and they did a very good job). You can buy frames locally or have the print out(s) professionally framed.

You can use any of these 10 digital download masterpiece photos, or use them all! All 10 photos are hi def, 8x10, and suitable for enlargement.

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10 masterpieces for $19.95? Why am I practically giving away my art? Because I want more people to see my photographic art, to appreciate it, to download it, print it (or have it printed), frame it and hang it on your wall(s).  You can own this art at a very affordable price. And, best of all, you can enjoy the beauty and color on your wall, every day!

And after you download the 10 masterpieces, if you wish, you can even send them to friends and family, they make a great gift

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These copyrighted photos are for personal or commercial decorating use only, not for resale without written permission.

If you love color and cool colorful 
art on your wall, I'm your artist!

About the artist
Andrew Lawrence
Los Angeles, California

andls (AT) aol.com

About the artist 
Originally from New York, Andrew lives happily, productively and creatively in Los Angeles, in the Hollywood Hills close to Warner Bros, Disney and Universal Studios. L.A. is a trendy city. A sunny city. A city of celebrity lifestyles and home to the movie, TV and music industries. And now a city of Cool Color Photos.

In his creative photographic fine art, Andrew Lawrence takes objects in his environment and turns them into cool colorful images, wall art that can stimulate positive emotions, specializing in colors that evoke bright beauty and uplift the spirit

His colorful photos can instantly brighten any space in any room, be it home, office or commercial establishment

His portfolio of 1,000+ cool color photos can be viewed online at Fine Art America

For cool digital downloads (at low cost) visit Etsy.com

For his NFT art visit Opensea.io

Contact info

For additional information, or collaboration, email the artist at: andls@aol.com

The Sky Above


The Sky Above

Painterly fine art photograph of the sky above me. My sky. Your sky may be blue, may be clear, may be cloudy or grey, may be bright or dark, may be hidden or unseeable but the sky is always there, above us all. The sky unites us.

One of my more artistic photographs, June 2022, coupled with my philosophical artistic description of it. 

Click the photo to see it or buy it on FineArtAmerica.com

To purchase it as an exclusive NFT go to OpenSea.io

NFT fine art

My NFTs Are Now Available!
I have started creating NFT art
I have more than 75 of them. They are
 available on OpenSea


Here's a few of my NFT's
Crypto Plane NFT

3XXX (Big Guy) NFT

Classic Crypto Person NFT
(no, it's not animated)

My NFTs are a grown-up art form. My NFT art 
is not overly cartoonish or digital art animations, 
they are derivatives of my original fine art photos.

For NFTs visit OpenSea

fun and funny

I am a fine art photographer in Los Angeles and enjoy taking picture of birds. I often do not create standard bird photos, instead I create fun and funny bird photos.

Here are some of my fab fun and funny bird photos.


Sitting Duck

Outdoor fine art photograph of a duck sitting on a rock in the river. Literally, the bird is a sitting duck.


Bigfoot Bird

Fine art photograph of a Great White Egret with large feet. Bigfoot bird.


Bird Hieroglyphics

Outdoor fine art colorized/solarized photograph of two live geese walking along on a concrete riverbank. Reminiscent of ancient hieroglyphics.

I have over 1,100 fine art photos in my portfolio including more than 100  bird photos. My bird photographs can be found on the art site Fine Art America: https://fineartamerica.com/profiles/andrewlawrence/collections/birds

Get My Free Book

I have a strong desire to help people become better photographers or to start doing fine art photography. I even created a pdf book download with motivating photography advice and tips. It's FREE!

Yes, to give back and give thanks for my wonderful years as a photographer, including more than 20 years as a high-end designer fashion photographer, in the name of art and creativity I wish to help create better photographers, and create new fine art photographers, worldwide.
To that end I authored a free downloadable pdf book which encourages people all over the world to become creative artists, to become fine art photographers – or BETTER photographers. My book makes it easy and inexpensive for ANYONE to become a fine art photographer, to start taking fine art pictures – with their cell phone. The pdf is FREE.

If you are interested in supporting the arts, and creating more new fine art photographers, and/or helping existing cell phone users improve their picture taking, I invite you to view and
 download the pdf - free . The download is via Google Drive.  It’s 100% free. No registration, no mailing list, nothing to join. It’s a large file so I recommend downloading to a computer. The pdf  contains numerous fine art photographs, and is a fast read.

Here's the link: 


If you know someone who would like to take better photos tell them about this.

How good can your photos be? Here's how good

Cell Phone Plant

"Outdoor fine art photograph of a green agave plant. Taken with my LG cell phone, my inexpensive small non-smart flip phone. Which happens to have a very good camera and takes great closeups. Image edited, colorized and solarized for a more artistic look."