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fabulous color art photos 
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5 cool colorful art photos
for $19.95 That's $4 each!

From the artist Andrew Lawrence
Yes, I am an artist. In Los Angeles, CA. I create photographic art. Cool colorful wall art. My art brand is Cool Color Photos. I create colorful photographic art, for your home (or business). 

I have been told that many of my  photos look more like paintings than photographs

Right now, I am having a Special Promotion

 Get 5 of my fab photos
 for only $19.95!

Here are the 5 fab photos that are included

Buena Vista Fountain

Golden Sunset


Trees Sky and Rainbow


subject to change without notice 
Right now you can download these 5 of my art masterpieces, the above 5 fab photos, for the special promotional price of only $19.95. 
5 fab photos for $19.95. That's $4 each!
Their value? $200+. 
At the prestigious online art gallery, Fine Art America, each one of my art prints cost $40 or more to buy online individually, without framing. And larger sizes cost even more. The above 5 fab photos would normally cost you a total of $200 or more. 

Right now, today, take advantage of the special promotion and get all 5 of my above fabulous art photos, in a downloadable pdf format, hosted by me on Microsoft One Drive, suitable for downloading, printing and framing, for only $19.95! That's only $4 each!

AND, because these photos are hi-def, they are enlargeable for printing in various larger sizes too! All 5 for $19.95. Now, THAT’S a great value, a great deal!

Why am I practically giving away 5 of my fabulous art masterpieces? I'm offering a Special Promotion. For a limited time. Because I want more people to see my art, to have my art, to appreciate it, to see the beauty and color, and to lift their spirits through the viewing of my art.

Plus, like many people, you may be stuck at home. It'll be nice to have some new pretty, colorful art on your wall to look at!

The 5 art prints in downloadable pdf are high definition (330 dpi) higher definition than online (72 dpi), approximately 8 x 10 inches, and enlargeable.
You may use any of the hi-def art prints in this pdf; you may buy them, download them, have them printed out, in a larger size if so desired, i.e. 16 x 20 etc) and have them framed and hang them on your wall. All 5 fab photos for $19.95.

You can use all 5 of them, or just some of them, or share some with friends, family members or neighbors (and even split the cost if you wish). And, yes, they also make great gifts!

My recommendations

These 5 fab photos are not just beautiful and colorful, they are also conversation pieces, attention getters, showstoppers. Anyone who sees them on your wall will likely be wowed – and say so.

My cool color photos can be used to artistically decorate any room(s) in your home (or business). You can use more than one in your spaces. Depending on your taste and desire, these art photos are suitable for the living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, bath, den, hall, home office, finished basement, man cave or she shed. Or pool house, yacht or private plane.

I recommend the 8 x10 size print for a normal sized room. The 16 x 20 print will also draw attention to any space, however the size and bright colors may tend to immediately overshadow other things in the space. Larger sizes than that may tend to dominate the space entirely. Ultimately, it’s your space, your choice. 

I have personally used my local FedEx store to print both
8 x 10 and 16 x 20 sizes and their print quality was excellent.

These copyrighted art photos are for your personal use only and may not be used for commercial purposes or commercial resale without the express written permission of the artist.

It is highly recommended that you use a computer to download this special promotion pdf, and/or save it to your computer, or to print out any of the art photos or send the document to an outside printing company, etc


All 5 Fab Photos 
for $19.95!

Payment is via paypal and after payment is made you will be automatically directed to Microsoft One Drive where you can download the pdf containing all 5 fab photos. 

Get them now and take advantage 

of today's special promotion! 

Get these 5 fab photos 

for only $19.95!

my paypal account is "cooltools"

All photos are the property of the artist and copyrighted, all rights reserved. Photos may not be used commercially without express written permission from the copyright holder.

The artist is represented at
Art Prints
click to see all his artwork 
at Fine Art America.com

About the artist

Andrew Lawrence

Andrew Lawrence is an American author (21 books) and high-end fashion photographer (over 10,000 photos). He now creates very cool, very colorful photos; wall artwork for collectors, interior designers and anyone decorating their home or business who loves color. 

Originally from New York, Andrew lives happily, productively and creatively in Los Angeles, in the Hollywood Hills close to Warner Bros, Disney, and Universal Studios. L.A. is a trendy city. A sunny city. A colorful city. A city of celebrity lifestyles and the movie, TV and music industries. And now a city of Cool Color Photos.

In his creative photographic art, Andrew Lawrence takes objects in his environment and turns them into bright colorful images that evoke positive emotions, bright colors that evoke beauty, and uplift the spirit

His colorful photos can instantly brighten any space, any room, be it home, office or commercial establishment. 

His portfolio of 700 cool color photos can be viewed online at Fine Art America

To contact the artist email him at andls@aol.com

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