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The story of the pandemic of 2020.

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Written and illustrated by Andrew Lawrence, the L.A. author and artist. No, it's not meant to depress or scare you, it's meant to uplift your spirits! It's informative, entertaining, interesting, and cool. The photos are awesome! 

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Here's are some excerpts:
Drive Thru Coffee

During the plague, even the famed Starbucks was forced to deny customers from entering and buying their coffee. Luckily, loyal coffee drinkers were able to get their caffeine via drive thru.

Pandemic Prose

As I mentioned, sometimes the plague produced some wonderful moments. Here is one of them.

It was May 2, 2020. Los Angeles, California.

During the pandemic of 2020, after 43 days of the LA Lockdown, I was up early, before dawn, so, after a while, I went to the supermarket just before 6 am when it opened.

The world was empty. No one was out walking their dogs, or themselves. Very few cars were on the road. Very few shoppers were at the supermarket, I was the first one in. By 6:15 I was done and out the door. On the way home, again there were few cars on the road and no pedestrians.

No people. No traffic. As the world awakened, I felt like it belonged to me. Me and the chirping birds. And maybe a deer or two. Alone together at dawn. It was spiritual. It was good. It was Saturday.


A note from the author
Andrew Lawrence 

Author of more than 20 life improvement books

Why am I giving away my new book for free? 

I live in Los Angles. LA is a leading-edge city for many things, including pandemics. The pandemic of 2020 fundamentally changed L.A. (and the world). I documented those changes, in wonderful words and fantastic large photos. Why did I write this book? Why did I turn it into a photographic book? Why am I giving my book away for free as a pdf? Why is it a must-have collectors item? Here's the answer(s) 

I simply want to share my experience with the pandemic, the story of the plague of 2020. Yes, it was/is scary. But the experience was also strange, weird, sometimes funny, sometimes wonderful, sometimes even beautiful. And all that is documented in "The Plague, Los Angeles 2020". With accompanying large and fabulous photos. 

And, no, I am not a medical professional. I am an author (20 books) and an artist (400 fine art photos). I am also a civilian. A "nonessential". And, like the other 300+ million American civilians and 10 million LA County civilian residents and billions of "nonessential" people worldwide, I got/get my pandemic information, and my pandemic fear, via the media. I wanted to provide a different perspective, an artist's perception, an artist's perspective, MY perspective, via this free downloadable pdf.

The pdf chronicles a world changing event, a life changing event, the plague of 2020. It entertainingly tells, and artistically shows, the story of the plague, from the Spring of 2020 to mid-summer.

Yes, this visual pdf may well become an ageless artistic historical document. And a collectors item. And, right now, it's free!

Download this incredible pdf now. Or you can also read it online.FREE. I put it on Google Drive, it's safe and secure to download or read. Get it. Read it. Enjoy it. You'll be glad you did.

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Design Recommendations
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All photos are the property of the artist and copyrighted, all rights reserved. Photos may not be used for commercial purposes without express written permission from the copyright holder.

The artist is represented at
Art Prints
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About the artist

Andrew Lawrence

Based in L.A., Andrew Lawrence has been an American high-end fashion photographer for over 20 years (over 10,000 photos). He now creates very cool, very colorful fine art photos; wall art for collectors, interior designers and anyone decorating their home or business who loves color. His art is also available from the online gallery, Fine Art America

Los Angeles Freeway
by Andrew Lawrence

published on May 2020
they get 20 million visitors per month

In his creative photographic art, Andrew Lawrence takes objects in his environment and turns them into bright colorful images that evoke positive emotions, bright colors that evoke beauty, and uplift the spirit

His fine art photos can instantly brighten any space, any room, be it home, office or commercial establishment.

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Artist statement

Statement of creativity by the artist, Andrew Lawrence

As a photographic artist, my photo editing process involves applying nearly 20 different steps. To every photo I take. Before I get a final result. It takes time. And creativity. For every photo, the steps involve taking the picture, then editing it.

Taking the picture requires having what is known as a good eye. Mine was developed over decades of doing photography. Editing involves skill and creativity. The nearly 20 editing steps that I apply to every photo involve composition, clarity, color, light, size, resolution, and effects.

And I never know in advance how a photo I take is going to turn out after editing; whether it will be a no-go destined for the trash bin, a good photo, or an artistic masterpiece. After all that, depending on how a photo turns out, I then deal with artistic disappointment, satisfaction, or elation. 

This, involving desire, talent, skill, and magic, is my art.

Andrew Lawrence
Los Angeles, CA
April 18, 2020

Food Art


By Andrew Lawrence

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All photos are the property of the artist and copyrighted, all rights reserved. Photos may not be used for commercial purposes without express written permission from the copyright holder.

Artist contact

Invest in Art

Investing In Art

There are many things one can invest in. Art is one of them.

Think about it. Art. Unlike many typical investments, like stocks and bonds, you can actually hang this investment on the wall and enjoy it for a lifetime. It doesn't have to be far far away, or intangible, or never seen. Art can be a beautiful investment, literally. And you get to see it and enjoy it every day.

In art, there are a number of possible categories to invest in. Major genres include paintings, drawings, photography, the list goes on.

There are also many investment levels available in art. From the multi-million-dollar collector/museum masterpieces to your local emerging or established street artist. If you have a lot of money to invest in art, there are many professionals who can help you do that. If you have a relatively small or normal amount of investable funds you may have to do it yourself. Here are some tips.

Get in early
Artists start off as potential emerging artists. Then, if they succeed, and emerge, they are known as established artists. Then, if they succeed wildly, they are known as famous artists or masters. Imagine purchasing an early photograph of Ansel Adams before he became established and famous. Or purchasing an early Andy Warhol when he was still an unknown graphic artist. And alive. Imagine if you bought the work of those artists early on, in or before the emerging stage of their careers. In the current market, Ansel Adams original photos can sell at up to $25,000-$70,000. Some of the signed Andy Warhol's can go for well over a million dollars.

Some emerging artists today are destined to be tomorrow's Ansel Adams or an Andy Warhol. Or maybe they will become "just" an established artist whose work brings a substantial amount of money. And a nice return on your investment. Artists. Find one. Find them early. And invest.

What's a good way to start investing in emerging artists? The traditional way is to find an artist whose work you like and buy a painting, or a photo. Or two. Or more. If possible, buy the art directly from the artist, or their agent or reputable gallery.

Then, enjoy the art. Hang it on the wall of your home or business.

Or, if you buy several, or many, works of art, put the ones you don't hang in a safe environmentally protected storage facility. You can also rotate the art from wall to storage and vice versa, as often as you like, adding even more ongoing enjoyment.

Increase the value
And then, once you own the art, perhaps you could promote the artist. You could promote the artist via your social media, your friends and family and your other contacts, etc. If you do this be sure to mention that you own art from this artist. You could create buzz. Create demand for the artist's work. You could tell everyone about the artist and their work! And, hopefully, watch the value of the artist's art you own go up.

Investing in art. Not only will you be supporting the arts, and enjoying it on the wall, you may also be making a good investment! As with any investment, experts advise only using excess money you don't immediately need, be it a few hundred dollars, a few thousand or a few million. And, with riskier investments, only invest money you can afford to lose.

There are many things to invest in. Art is one of them. An artistic enjoyable investment. Invest and enjoy!

Andrew Lawrence is a former Wall Street investment professional and money market trader who today is an artist living in Los Angeles. He creates Cool Color Photos masterpieces, presented and sold directly via his online gallery His complete portfolio of more than 350 art photos can be seen at Fine Art America