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You can view all of my creative fine art photos online at FineArtAmerica where I have over 3,500 individual authentic fine art photos in my portfolio. Yes, you can view them for free! And, yes, my art is also for sale. Available worldwide. 

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About the artist
Andrew Lawrence
Los Angeles, California

andls (AT) aol.com

About the artist 
A high-fashion photographer for over 25 years, Andrew Lawrence now creates fine art photographs. Originally from New York, Andrew lives happily, productively and creatively in Los Angeles, in the Hollywood Hills near Warner Bros and Universal Studios. 

In his creative photographic fine art, specializing in Nature, Andrew Lawrence takes objects in his environment and turns them into cool color photos, fine art that can stimulate positive emotions, specializing in colors that evoke bright beauty and uplift the spirit

His cool color photos can instantly brighten any space in any room, be it home, office or commercial establishment. 

His portfolio of over 3,500 cool color photos can be viewed online at Fine Art America

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For additional information, or collaboration, email the artist at: andls (AT) aol.com

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Art is worldwide. In a typical week my CoolColorPhotos.com site gets visitors from many countries around the world, including

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Weird dream

AI generated photo, to illustrate the story

I had a weird dream. I dreamt that I was editing images of a red planet. A red planet? Mars? The scene kept on repeating itself, me editing images of a red planet. Why would I be dreaming of editing images of Mars? What did it mean? It made no sense. I do not edit photos for NASA. Or any astronomical organization. Where did the images of a red planet come from? Why did I have the images? Why was I editing them? Strange dream. Weird dream. What could it possibly mean?

An idea popped into my head. Why don't I look up the meaning of the dream online. Not that I expected to find the meaning of dreaming about editing images of a red planet. Oh, wait a minute. Why don't I try AI? Maybe there's a online AI dream interpretation site. I looked on google. There was an AI dream interpreter. 

I went to the site and entered my dream. "Editing images of a red planet." Here is what it said

Dreams can have personal meanings and can vary based on individual experiences and emotions. However, here are some possible interpretations for editing images of a red planet: 

1. Exploration and curiosity: The red planet could symbolize Mars, a planet associated with exploration and discovery. Editing images of it may reflect your desire to learn and explore new territories or ideas in waking life. 2. Transformation and creativity: Editing images represents the act of altering or enhancing something, which could signify a desire for self-improvement or personal transformation. The red planet's color may symbolize passion, energy, or creative impulses. 3. Unresolved emotions: The red color might also relate to intense emotions, anger, or frustration. Editing the images could represent your efforts to find ways to cope with or modify these feelings. 4. Ambition and goals: Red is often associated with motivation, power, and determination. This dream may reflect your strong ambitions and your commitment to achieving your goals, especially in areas that are currently unexplored or uncharted. 

Remember, the interpretation of a dream is subjective, and it's important to consider your personal associations and feelings towards the symbols in your dream when trying to understand its meaning.

Wow! That was a pretty good, pretty accurate interpretation! From AI. From an artificial intelligence source. I was impressed. And a little scared. AI read my mind. AI interpreted my dream, the inner workings of my inner mind. 

Welcome to a new world. An AI world. Luckily, this time AI helped a human. Me.



Trump Art


Andrew Lawrence

Based on the felony conviction of Donald Trump

on May 30, 2024 by a New York City Court

here is a Trump photo for your wall

My solarized version of 
the Donald Trump mugshot
A work of art for Trump fans. And/or 
flaming hair evil-looking must-have 
photo for every Trump hater.

My AI edited Trump Abstract
- artificial intelligence art -

Yes, I turned the official Trump 
mugshot photo into fine art, in
honor or dishonor of his conviction !

These photos are now available on Fine Art America
Available in many sizes et al

As an artist, in creatively editing the 
public domain Donald Trump mugshot I
was not playing politics I was playing art.

Painterly photos

I created a collection called "Painterly Photos". It's a collection of selected fine art photographs from my Fine Art America online portfolio, photos I created which give the impression/illusion of a painting, drawing or other brushwork art. Take a look.


How to

 How To Buy Art

What is a good way to buy decorative photographic fine art?

Find a work(s) of art that you love. 

Decide on a size. 8x10. 16x20. Larger?

Check the price of that size.

If you can afford it, and/or are willing to pay that price, buy it.

Put it where you can see it, everyday. Enjoy your new art...for the rest of your life, or whenever you decide to change it.

Start here: https://fineartamerica.com/profiles/andrewlawrence?tab=artworkgalleries 

productive artist

 ATTN museums, galleries, art media and art buyers

I am a productive artist. Very productive.

As of March, 2024 I have been doing fine art photography for 4 1/2 years. I started in September 2019. In early September 2023, 4 1/2 years later, I had created 3,400 works of art. That's an average of over 750 a year. An average of more than 2 per day.

I am a creative artist who, on an ongoing basis, has created 2 works of art per day? 15 works of art a week? Wow, I AM productive. And creative. I create cool color photos, works of art.

And now, I am ready to reap the rewards, I am ready to become an emerging artist, an established artist. I am ready, willing and able to gain worldwide recognition, to have my cool color photos purchased, and enjoyed, by people all over the world.

Get some of my cool color photos before I become internationally famous and my art sells for thousands of dollars or hundreds of thousands or millions!

Fine Art America


As of today, if I am alive and functioning I am still productively creating cool color photos. 

my process

My photographic process has 5 main steps.

First, I find something(s) to take a picture of.

I shoot the picture(s).

Later, I transfer the picture(s) from my camera to my laptop.

I edit the image(s) using 3 different photo editing apps. Depending on how many images I took editing can take hours. Or days.

And sometimes, as a 4th editing tool, I also use AI, artificial intelligence, to further edit a photo.

After editing, I evaluate the results. According to my own artistic standards I select the acceptable finished photo(s) and upload the final product(s) to my online portfolio at Fine Art America.

The entire process can take hours. Or days.

Some of my fine art photos end up in my computer trash bin. Some are deemed more or less acceptable and kept, not utilized but saved as final images on my computer. Some are deemed good (or great) and end up in my portfolio. I never know what the result will be until I finish final editing.

Million Dollar Art


Million Dollar Art

Yes, I created the above photograph. Million dollar bills. 5 of them. This photo is for sale. Million dollar art. For as little as $10! You can use this cool photo as a motivator, a manifester, a magnet, for money. To attract money. Lots of money. Millions. 

You can download this photo, print it, and put it/hang it somewhere to remind you, every day, to attract, or generate, money. Lots of money. If you buy it via download you can also use it as a screen on your devices! That's what I do.

It’s also attention-getting art for home or office. 

Does it work? Does it/will it attract millions of dollars? I cannot guarantee that it will but I cannot guarantee that it won’t.

Money can give you independence. Freedom. Security. Comfort. A better life. And lots of money allows you to do what YOU want to do (providing it's legal)

How to acquire this Million Dollar Art:

Available as a digital download. 300 dpi. 8 x 10 inches. Yes, you get all 5 of the million dollar bills in one photo. To get yours visit my listing on Etsy

This item also available as a physical print or framed art, in various sizes. On the famed FineArtAmerica.com  www.fineartamerica.com/profiles/andrewlawrence

Note: there is no official US government million dollar bill. The million dollar bill is considered a novelty and, in this case, it is million dollar photographic art. And my money manifester.


Woke AI Art


AI Goes Woke

AI artist creates futuristic Woke art:

Transgender Cyborg

Artist Andrew Lawrence, of Los Angeles, California, has now used artificial intelligence to create what many people may consider to be 

AI Woke Art

Via AI text-to-image generation, Andrew created futuristic artificial intelligence images of a black female cyborg, an Asian female cyborg and a transgender cyborg. 

How and why did the artist decide to create futuristic AI Woke Art?

According to Andrew, he didn’t decide to create futuristic AI Woke art, it came about by accident. “After many years as a fashion photographer I’ve been creating fine art photography for 4 years. I create cool color photos. Mostly cool color images of Nature. And abstracts. While using artificial intelligence to edit my existing original fine art photos I apparently may have created an image of a stunning eye-popping black female cyborg.  I liked it so much I then went on to use AI to create other 'Woke' cyborg images.”

Lawrence states that he did not set out to create Woke Art. “It’s art”, he says. “Futuristic AI art. If people want to consider my art as an AI generated artistic political statement, as Woke Art, they can do so. I didn’t create these images to make a political statement, I did it to create art. Cool colorful art. Using AI. And, for whatever reason(s), people and organizations worldwide can also buy my AI “Woke” art and hang it on their wall - because it’s show stopping futuristic AI art and very very cool. Whether it's Woke or not.

Andrew Lawrence continues, “They can see all my cyborg images, all my AI art, and my thousands of other fine art photos on Fine Art America. Or visit my website, CoolColorPhotos.com”

Whether you consider the art Woke, or just plain futuristic cool AI, artificial intelligence is a new hot trend in the art world, technology and entertainment. 

Fine Art America


# # #

Andrew Lawrence is a Creative, with an artist portfolio of more than 3,000 fine art photos and is also the author of 20 life improvement books, including "The Happiness Transformation: how to be happy now and for the rest of your life" .

The media or organizations may contact me re buying or using my AI artwork and/or this article

contact: andls (AT) aol.com



 Updated motto

It used to be said that a picture is worth 1,000 words.

Now, with inflation, a picture is worth 5,000 words.

Bye Bye Birdies


Bye Bye Birdies

April 29, 2024

It is with much sadness that I report that my wonderful nearby previously thriving birding place is now empty. There are no larger birds there anymore. They are gone. 

I am reporting the loss of birds at the urban wilderness area called Glendale Narrows Riverwalk in Glendale, California, near Los Angeles. I discovered this place 4 years ago and took many photos of the incredible variety of larger birds that lived/visited there daily. I have been monitoring the area for 2 months and there are no longer any larger birds there.  They apparently migrated elsewhere, I know not where.

Previously, over the past 3 years I saw and took photos of many larger birds including Great White Egrets, Blue Herons, Egyptian Geese, Canadian Geese, Cormorants, Hawks. Now, and for the last month I saw only a few ducks and a few Black-necked Stilts there. Why did this happen? Why did all the birds leave this area? I am not sure. It had been a cold-ish winter, with lots and lots of unusual and rare rain. It was the coldest winter since 1978. The river has been very high and very fast for 3 months and may longer provide food for the birds. They have moved on. 

Bye bye birdies. I am very sad. I cannot travel to other potential birding places as they are too far away and I am too old. 

The good news is that I have my memories of this wonderful place of Nature and birds, provided and maintained by humans. And I have over 1.000 fine art photos I took of the beautiful birds that were there, displaying their incredible and interesting colors and postures and behavior. See for yourself.  

In late May 2024, the birds are coming back! I have started to see the larger birds, herons and egrets and geese, who apparently have de-migrated and returned to this urban wilderness, after going who knows where for the winter.



Celebrate The Sun (AI)

Artificial intelligence (AI) generated fine art photo. Image 
produced by fine art photographer Andrew Lawrence. 

(This is my very first AI artwork. April 1, 2023)

My AI generated and AI edited photos are available at

As of April 2024 I also use AI to generate photo descriptions.


January 2023

There is also an artist interview of me featured online in "Our Arts Magazine". To read it go to:


art holiday

Someone asked if I would enjoy taking an "art" holiday, i.e. when I went somewhere on a vacation would I take my camera and spend time taking pictures. Here was my response

Yes, an extended art holiday. As soon as I win a lottery jackpot. $10 million or more, cash, after taxes. I would buy a new $5,000 camera and go on the road throughout America in a new smallish $200,000 RV. A rich simple nomad fine art photographer artist. If I were younger and healthier (in my 30's or 40's or 50's) and won a big lottery jackpot I would travel the world, with my camera and laptop (for editing). Meanwhile, I enjoy taking and making fine art pictures close to home in scenic Southern California.


Photography does not have to be realistic, does not have to reflect real life. Fine art photography can be, well, art. Here are 2 examples, 2 fine art "pretty bird" photos I created in November 2022.

Yes, you can see more of my 3,000 fine art photos at 

Fine Art America


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My photobook of the Covid pandemic
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I have a strong desire to help people become better photographers or to start doing fine art photography. I even created a pdf book download with motivating photography advice and tips. It's FREE!

Yes, to give back and give thanks for my wonderful years as a photographer, including more than 25 years as a high-end designer fashion photographer, in the name of art and creativity I wish to help create better photographers, and create new fine art photographers, worldwide.
To that end I authored a free downloadable pdf book which encourages people all over the world to become creative artists, to become fine art photographers – or BETTER photographers. My book makes it easy and inexpensive for ANYONE to become a fine art photographer, to start taking fine art pictures – yes, even with their cell phone. The pdf is FREE.

If you are interested in supporting the arts, and creating more new fine art photographers, and/or helping existing cell phone users improve their picture taking, I invite you to view and
 download the pdf - free . The download is via Google Drive.  It’s 100% free. No registration, no mailing list, nothing to join. It’s a large file so I recommend downloading to a computer. The pdf  contains numerous fine art photographs, and is a fast read.

Here's the link: 


If you know someone who would like to take better photos tell them about this.

How good can your photos be? Here's how good

Cell Phone Plant

"Outdoor fine art photograph of a green agave plant (now red, purple and blue). Taken with my LG cell phone, my inexpensive small non-smart flip phone. Which happens to have a very good camera and takes great closeups. Yes, the image was edited and colorized for artistic effect.


Andrew Lawrence
 Creative. Artistic. Brilliant and sexy.

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