Mugshot Art


Andrew Lawrence

My solarized version of 
the Donald Trump mugshot

It's a must-have cool photographic 
work of art for Trump fans. And/or 
flaming hair evil-looking must-have 
mugshot for every Trump hater.

And it's even available as a coffee mug!
Yes, a mugshot coffee mug. Buy it here: my portfolio

My AI edited Trump Mugshot Abstract
- artificial intelligence art -

Yes, I turned the Trump 
mugshot into fine art!
Get yours now!

These photos are now available on Fine Art America
Available in many sizes et al

Or, if you would like an 8x10 hi-res 
digital download 
here's the link to my shop on 

As an artist, in creatively editing the 
public domain Donald Trump mugshot I
was not playing politics I was playing art.