Weird dream

AI generated photo, to illustrate the story

I had a weird dream. I dreamt that I was editing images of a red planet. A red planet? Mars? The scene kept on repeating itself, me editing images of a red planet. Why would I be dreaming of editing images of Mars? What did it mean? It made no sense. I do not edit photos for NASA. Or any astronomical organization. Where did the images of a red planet come from? Why did I have the images? Why was I editing them? Strange dream. Weird dream. What could it possibly mean?

An idea popped into my head. Why don't I look up the meaning of the dream online. Not that I expected to find the meaning of dreaming about editing images of a red planet. Oh, wait a minute. Why don't I try AI? Maybe there's a online AI dream interpretation site. I looked on google. There was an AI dream interpreter. 

I went to the site and entered my dream. "Editing images of a red planet." Here is what it said

Dreams can have personal meanings and can vary based on individual experiences and emotions. However, here are some possible interpretations for editing images of a red planet: 

1. Exploration and curiosity: The red planet could symbolize Mars, a planet associated with exploration and discovery. Editing images of it may reflect your desire to learn and explore new territories or ideas in waking life. 2. Transformation and creativity: Editing images represents the act of altering or enhancing something, which could signify a desire for self-improvement or personal transformation. The red planet's color may symbolize passion, energy, or creative impulses. 3. Unresolved emotions: The red color might also relate to intense emotions, anger, or frustration. Editing the images could represent your efforts to find ways to cope with or modify these feelings. 4. Ambition and goals: Red is often associated with motivation, power, and determination. This dream may reflect your strong ambitions and your commitment to achieving your goals, especially in areas that are currently unexplored or uncharted. 

Remember, the interpretation of a dream is subjective, and it's important to consider your personal associations and feelings towards the symbols in your dream when trying to understand its meaning.

Wow! That was a pretty good, pretty accurate interpretation! From AI. From an artificial intelligence source. I was impressed. And a little scared. AI read my mind. AI interpreted my dream, the inner workings of my inner mind. 

Welcome to a new world. An AI world. Luckily, this time AI helped a human. Me.