Million Dollar Art


Million Dollar Art

Yes, I created the above photograph. Million dollar bills. 5 of them. This photo is for sale. Million dollar art. For as little as $10! You can use this cool photo as a motivator, a manifester, a magnet, for money. To attract money. Lots of money. Millions. 

You can download this photo, print it, and put it/hang it somewhere to remind you, every day, to attract, or generate, money. Lots of money. If you buy it via download you can also use it as a screen on your devices! That's what I do.

It’s also attention-getting art for home or office. 

Does it work? Does it/will it attract millions of dollars? I cannot guarantee that it will but I cannot guarantee that it won’t.

Money can give you independence. Freedom. Security. Comfort. A better life. And lots of money allows you to do what YOU want to do (providing it's legal)

How to acquire this Million Dollar Art:

Available as a digital download. 300 dpi. 8 x 10 inches. Yes, you get all 5 of the million dollar bills in one photo. To get yours visit my listing on Etsy

This item also available as a physical print or framed art, in various sizes. On the famed

Note: there is no official US government million dollar bill. The million dollar bill is considered a novelty and, in this case, it is million dollar photographic art. And my money manifester.