my process

My photographic process has 5 main steps.

First, I find something(s) to take a picture of.

I shoot the picture(s).

Later, I transfer the picture(s) from my camera to my laptop.

I edit the image(s) using 3 different photo editing apps. Depending on how many images I took editing can take hours. Or days.

And sometimes, as a 4th editing tool, I also use AI, artificial intelligence, to further edit a photo.

After editing, I evaluate the results. According to my own artistic standards I select the acceptable finished photo(s) and upload the final product(s) to my online portfolio at Fine Art America.

The entire process can take hours. Or days.

Some of my fine art photos end up in my computer trash bin. Some are deemed more or less acceptable and kept, not utilized but saved as final images on my computer. Some are deemed good (or great) and end up in my portfolio. I never know what the result will be until I finish final editing.