productive artist

 ATTN museums, galleries, art media and art buyers

I am a productive artist. Very productive.

As of September, 2023 I have been doing fine art photography for 4 years. I started in September 2019. In early September 2023, 4 years later, I have now created 3,000 works of art. That's an average of 750 a year. An average of more than 2 per day, 15 per week (7 days).

I am a creative artist who, on an ongoing basis, has created 2 works of art per day? 15 works of art a week? Wow, I AM productive. And creative. I create cool color photos, works of art.

And now, I am ready to reap the rewards, I am ready to become an emerging artist, an established artist. I am ready, willing and able to gain worldwide recognition, to have my cool color photos purchased, and enjoyed, by people all over the world.

Get some of my cool color photos before I become internationally famous and my art sells for thousands of dollars or hundreds of thousands or millions!