Woke AI Art


AI Goes Woke

AI artist creates futuristic Woke art:

Transgender Cyborg

Artist Andrew Lawrence, of Los Angeles, California, has now used artificial intelligence to create what many people may consider to be 

AI Woke Art

Via AI text-to-image generation, Andrew created futuristic artificial intelligence images of a black female cyborg, an Asian female cyborg and a transgender cyborg. 

How and why did the artist decide to create futuristic AI Woke Art?

According to Andrew, he didn’t decide to create futuristic AI Woke art, it came about by accident. “After many years as a fashion photographer I’ve been creating fine art photography for 4 years. I create cool color photos. Mostly cool color images of Nature. And abstracts. While using artificial intelligence to edit my existing original fine art photos I apparently may have created an image of a stunning eye-popping black female cyborg.  I liked it so much I then went on to use AI to create other 'Woke' cyborg images.”

Lawrence states that he did not set out to create Woke Art. “It’s art”, he says. “Futuristic AI art. If people want to consider my art as an AI generated artistic political statement, as Woke Art, they can do so. I didn’t create these images to make a political statement, I did it to create art. Cool colorful art. Using AI. And, for whatever reason(s), people and organizations worldwide can also buy my AI “Woke” art and hang it on their wall - because it’s show stopping futuristic AI art and very very cool. Whether it's Woke or not.

Andrew Lawrence continues, “They can see all my cyborg images, all my AI art, and my thousands of other fine art photos on Fine Art America. Or visit my website, CoolColorPhotos.com”

Whether you consider the art Woke, or just plain futuristic cool AI, artificial intelligence is a new hot trend in the art world, technology and entertainment. 

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Andrew Lawrence is a Creative, with an artist portfolio of more than 3,000 fine art photos and is also the author of 20 life improvement books, including "The Happiness Transformation: how to be happy now and for the rest of your life" .

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